I love working with people all over the country (and some outside the US). Here’s what they have to say:

“I first approached Scott when I was considering a job transition last summer, when I was both confused about if I should transition and how I should go about it. Scott coached me through the interview and subsequent job offer. I honestly believe I wouldn’t have been successful if it hadn’t been for Scott’s help. His gift is listening, then giving honest, emotionally resonant, and practical steps to improve one’s situation. I’ve benefited from his coaching immensely.” – Nakia from Texas

“I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy to talk to him. After a few sessions, I realized I was taking his advice and looking at things from different perspectives – and a lot of the pressure I had built up in my life went away.” – Alex from Ohio

“Working with Scott was incredible. The passion he has for what he does is obvious, and his enthusiasm is contagious. During the time he worked with me, I was given tools to help in many aspects of my life, from decisions about my career to my relationship with my husband and beyond. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.” – Sarah from Michigan

“Coaching with Scott is great. I attended one of his Six Weeks to Success programs to help me with my fitness goals. The group meetings and one-on-one guidance kept me on-track from week to week, and it was always interesting to hear from others in the group and help each other out with suggestions. I achieved great success in my goals and enjoyed the experience.

I attended another Six Weeks program to figure out what my strengths were, and help narrow down how I could best approach my current job, and how I might pursue my own business goals later. Taking the StrengthsFinder and being guided through the results was really eye-opening. Knowing my priorities and strengths in the workplace (and elsewhere) has helped me refine my role in my job so that everyone involved is happier, more efficient, and more cooperative.

Scott’s approach to coaching shows his true love for what he does. As a client, I always felt important. He always has insightful comments and advice that, in hindsight, seem a bit obvious because they are so spot-on; but I find we are often too close to our own issues we might not see the answers right in front of us. Scott has a contagious excitement for helping people, and feeling helpful and appreciated, and it comes through in everything he does as a coach. Thanks, Scott!” – Danielle from North Carolina

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